Graphic recording of a talk by Marianne Siig

Through more than 20 years, Marianne has specialized in strategic leadership, team and organizational development, furthermore, she is an expert in gender equality, diversity and inclusion and always takes the point of departure in your organization’s history, who you are and where you wish to go. We take on projects in all sizes, from workshops and one-on-one coaching sessions to end-to-end strategy development and implementation.

“I focus on co-creating and driving change from a holistic and systemic understanding of development through a 3-dimensional mind, setting high standards for the individual, team- and organizational levels.”

Services Venn diagram - Marianne Siig

The three-dimensional approach

Personal Mastery – the ability for all to thrive and unfold their full potential, valued for their unique contribution

Team Excellencethe ability for all to be in supportive, high-performing teams

Community Spirit – the ability to make a difference and for all to feel part of something bigger and meaningful

Examples of services

  • Strategic HR 
  • Leadership and organisational development 
  • Healthy, high-performing teams 
  • D&I strategy development 
  • Understanding the D&I challenges in a corporate and organisational context 
  • Understanding the D&I benefits and possibilities
  • Unconscious Bias awareness training 
  • Inclusive Leadership training 
  • D&I service check of current key people processes 
  • D&I competence development of HR Centres of Excellence leaders / process holders 
  • Co-creation of inclusion survey (based on already existing employee surveys) 
  • Co-facilitation of Employee Resource Groups 

"Marianne was incredibly inspiring partner in putting the webinar together. She contributed with great experience and expertise on creating organisational change, and managed to be motivating in presenting the business case for diversity and to pin point the particular challenges pertinent to the STEM delivered with insightfulness, dedication and professionalism."

Technical Faculty at University of Southern Denmark


"Marianne has a unique talent for sensing and picking up on the newest trends within leadership, diversity, and inclusion. She easily turns her sensing into concrete concepts and actions, focusing on how to serve the organization, corporate business and the greater good in society."

Dorte Palmvang

Head of Culture, Nordea Wholesale Banking