Strategic partners

Fire & Shield

Fire & Shield is a minimum viable leadership framework geared for the future. Their training and support give you hands-on methods that work from the very first day.

Increase performance and profitability by bringing out the best in each person on your team.

Globally Local

Globally Local focus on enhancing internationalisation, attracting and retaining global talent, driving successful diversity management within organisations as well as supporting the pre-boarding, onboarding and integration of Expats and Global Danes.

Mandag Morgen Businesskvinder

I Mandag Morgen Businesskvinder vil vi overvinde de ligestillingsmyter og ubevidste fordomme, som både kvinder og mænd snubler over i arbejdslivet til gavn for begge køn og for bedre profitabilitet i både virksomheder og samfund.


KVINFO er Danmarks videnscenter for køn, ligestilling og mangfoldighed. Vi er samlingsstedet for forskning, viden og information om den moderne ligestillingsdiskussion. Nationalt og internationalt.

Diversity & Difference platform, CBS

The Diversity and Difference Platform is focusing on diversity and difference – culture, ethnicity, sexuality, language – to enable inclusion and equality. Working with organisations on diversity management.

"Marianne has a unique talent for sensing and picking up on the newest trends within leadership, diversity, and inclusion. She easily turns her sensing into concrete concepts and actions, focusing on how to serve the organization, corporate business and the greater good in society."

Dorte Palmvang

Head of Culture, Nordea Wholesale Banking

"We chose Marianne for this task both because of her professional heavyweight and her accommodating nature. She created a feeling of ease and a safe space around her, and contributed to getting the participants to open up in no time. She can deliver and is both a caring and stable element that we would join forces with again any time."

Elize Dimare

CEO and Founder, Fire & Shield