The power of inclusion

Key to healthy organizations and leadership for a sustainable future is that we understand and are able to harness the power of inclusion. When we take a holistic view and dare to listen to different perspectives from diverse stakeholders, we gear ourselves for success.

Marianne moderating the Global Dialogue on Gender Equality in Helsinki in 2016

From strategic insight to making change happen
–get where you want to go

Marianne is specialized in strategic leadership, team and organizational development. She is an expert in gender equality, diversity and inclusion and always takes the point of departure in your organization’s history, who you are and where you wish to go.

Marianne Egelund Siig

Hi, I'm Marianne

For more than 20 years, I have led successful business transformations in the fields of leadership-, team-, talent-, and organisational strategies and development.

Moreover, I am an expert within the fields of gender equality, diversity and inclusion.


Marianne actively participates in the public debate, particularly as a writer.
She tackles issues pertaining to leadership, gender equality and inclusion, and has had a blog in the Danish newspaper Berlingske's business section for three years.
Now she is blogging for POV International.

Strategic partners and collaborations

Fire & Shield

Minimum viable leadership framework geared for the future.

Globally Local

Sustainable solutions where both locals and expats have the flexibility to succeed at home and abroad.

Clients we've helped

"Marianne has great experience within D&I and she has been an inspiring co-creator both for testing our own ideas and plans and for helping us start the process of working with D&I in a more conscious and structured way globally in Danfoss."

Karen Fredenslund

Former D&I Project Manager, Danfoss

"Marianne is ambitious, always focused on setting new standards. Not only in the delivery, but also in the how and the footprints left behind."

Rosa Lind

Global Head of Leadership Development, IKEA